From Impulse to action, Dean Cross at Bundanon Art Museum

10 Feb 2022

From impulse to action centres on Arthur Boyd’s drawings in ink, as the starting point for 12 new commissions by Australian contemporary artists working in a diverse range of disciplines. Boyd was Australia’s most widely respected and prolific modern artists.

A central example of the expansive power of Boyd’s drawings are his 1963 designs created for Robert Helpmann’s ballet Elektra. They represent the potential for small, experimental works to translate into large-scale, interdisciplinary projects, and to shift from image to performance. In parallel, the commissioned artists reflect the immediacy of Boyd’s drawings through choreography and film, photography and sculptural installation, weaving and sound. Nearly all the works were developed through site visits and residencies.

At its heart, From impulse to action is a celebration of Bundanon as an important site of cultural production, one that has existed for thousands of years. It draws on the creative energy of experimentation, proposing a connection between artists past, present and future.

The exhibition is on view until 12 June 2022, at the newly opened Bundanon, a unique national arts organisation situated near Nowra, City of Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia – also the former home of Arthur Boyd.

Artwork: (LEFT) Dean Cross, Axiom #1, 2021, fabricated neon, edition 1 of 3 | Courtesy of Bundanon Art Museum