Canberra Times interviews Dean Cross

1 Jul 2021

“Talking to Dean Cross is a bit like walking through a museum of curios. Conversation covers Greek mythology, Disney cartoons, a British talent show, the Goulburn Society of Aeromodellers, gold glitter, and the plight of native bogong moths in the Canberra region.”

Cross talks about his childhood experience growing up on his family farm. He recalls a huge storm that caused one of the farm sheds to come crashing down. This made him realise the fragility of structures, and how things that seemed permanent, can become temporary within seconds. He relives how he felt disconnected from his own country, just like his father and grandfather before him.

From the well known fable of the greek mythology characters, this brings resemblance to the maze built by Daedelus. Coined as the master craftsman of Greek mythology, he devised a plan for him and his son, Icarus, to escape using homemade wings, only for Icarus to fly too close to the sun and fall back to earth.

The story of Icarus is the inspiration behind Cross’ latest body of work, commissioned by Goulburn Regional Art Gallery as part of The Good Initiative, a biennial $20,000 award to living artists.

The show, which opens in time for the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week next month, looks into the all-too-common experience of rural and regional people who need to leave their homes or country, in search of opportunities not otherwise available.

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Image: Dean Cross, Untitled (study for a future significant exhibition), 2021, digital collage