Artist Profile: Dean Cross

15 Apr 2020

“The car holds a fascinating socio-cultural place in my mind. When the car was invented, so too were car crashes. It is both an instrument of liberation and a bringer of death. Somehow, with the fires burning Country, that felt relevant and necessary to show. The Ford, in particular, points directly to mass production and the trickle-down of global economic inequality that follows the employee/employer relationship. Henry Ford was incredibly wealthy, but find me one factory worker building cars who could say the same.

It’s important to think not just about the image of the car I have used, but it’s medium also. It is printed as a wallpaper; it is there as a looming presence, but also only as a surface. Something there but not there – an obvious visual pun when its scale is considered. The wallpaper is 7 metres long, much larger than ‘real’ life.”

Dean Cross speaks to Emma-Kate Wilson from Artist Profile about his practice and recent solo exhibition, “A Sullen Perfume” at Yavuz Gallery Sydney.